Free Opportunity

Recently I have been thinking about opportunity and how we may sometimes be more laid back about an opportunity that has been handed down to us, freely, than one we have to fight for.

It’s made me reevaluate myself and realize that I have to be more grateful for the opportunities that have been handed down to me in life and how I have to leverage on them and make better use of those freely given opportunity.

More often than not, the stories told by successful people are often one of them starting from nothing and striving to make something of themselves. I guess lack and hunger would usually put a man/woman in survival mode and then they would go on to do anything necessary to achieve their basic needs and more. I don’t subscribe to people doing any and everything to succeed, as some activities are morally and religiously out of bounds. You have to however look at the people that surround you and be inspired, moved and motivated by how some people have lifted themselves from what we may consider nothing and have become something.

I remember someone who came from a stable home saying she had to create the idea of artificial poverty in her mind so that she could be motivated to go out and do more. There’s a story of a man who thought his father’s wealth would last for ever or at least suffice for a long time, that he forgot to do anything to be creative himself or to maybe use the platform of his dad. When that money finished however, he was forced to realize that he had spent lavishly the money he had been given and not thought of investing with it. That’s when he rose to the occasion and did something for himself. We can all rise earlier.

Everyone has their path, that I know. I like to think that path does not include being docile though. So this is what I am saying, is there more you can do with the opportunities that have been given to you? Maybe you think your freely given opportunity is too small. Perhaps all you have been given is a free home to lay your head and food to eat. Maybe your family couldn’t send you to as many schools or the kind of school you wanted to go to. It is however more than possible to start where you are and make something of it. You can start a business, even if it’s one of service from the free accommodation you have and make something of yourself.

I think we can all do more with the free opportunities that has been handed down to us, so perhaps instead of thinking Mr or Ms A’s life is better than yours because of the silver spoon she was born with, why not use your spoon, even if it be wooden to make your own soup, for even the wooden spoon has the ability to stir.

Happy Valentines Day

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