Giving fish and teaching the skills

I like fish. Especially the roasted one (point and kill, as it is popularly called in Nigeria). I don’t know if I have a particular one I like because the range of roasted fish I have come across are not so many. I remember though that I have had cat, croaker and tilapia.

Bowl of seasoned fish

When it is roasted with potatoes it usually tastes extra nice. It’s a half balanced meal. Protein from the fish and carbs from the potatoes. Sometimes though money is not enough to go buy the prepared one or there is no time or you are too tired to go buy yourself one.

What if you learnt the art of grilling it yourself at home? That may take some of the pressure off. You just go to your kitchen, season whatever type you have and grill.

Now imagine you could even fish. My goodness! Talk about added advantage. You could go to a neat fishing water body and do what a fisher man knows how to do and go home and have roasted fish from really fresh fish.

While this post is somewhat about the deliciousness of fishing it’s also about the opportunity we give ourself and others when we learn and teach others how to fish or whatever skills we or them needs to learn.

If you keep giving a person say fish or whatever they want, money, and you don’t teach them how to go get it themselves a day may come when they would feel like so much burden to themselves and to you.

Spices for marinating fish

Learning is something we should all strive at. It is one of the most important activity needed to advance in anything. Imagine what world of good you would be doing yourself and the community if you learn to invest in your learning and those of the people dependent on you.

Plate of fried rice, cucumber, boiled egg and oven grilled fish

You get the benefit of doing better and teaching others to do better for themselves. You get some pressure taken off you. You have the joy of watching your dependent grow and of course you can someday for real sit together and eat the fish your dependent or friend or colleague learnt to catch and grill.

Teach yourself to fish and enable others learn too.

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