My Hallelujah Belongs to God|| HAPPY NEW YEAR || HAPPY 2018

Happy New Month 😊🌹and Happy New Year… 🎊🎈

I have and would continue to see the goodness of God in the land of the living. My hallelujah belongs to God. I have had bad days, sometimes weeks and even months, oh but I have learnt that indeed all glory belong to God.

I understand again and again that the earth is the Lord’s. I understand again and again that I exist for the pleasure and glory of God.

Bye 2017

I have seen God in my life and the lives of people around me. Take a story of a loved one that may have ended in cancer and maybe even death and bring about victory and testimony from there. I have seen Him raise helpers for and take away the scourge of anxiety and worry from me. I have seen Him keep lives and restore the health of people around me. I have seen beautiful weddings. Children born amongst family and friends, some supernaturally.

Victory belongs to Jesus!

Like I said earlier I have had and seen bad days, but victory belongs to Jesus. I know He has overcome.

Give it all to Jesus!

God loves you! He loves me!

Whatever your 2017 has been be confident that God who created you, has a purpose for you. So believe and hold on to Him!

Happy New Month!

Happy January

Happy 2 0 1 8!

W E L C O M E 2 0 1 8

Thank you for reading my posts.

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Quintesstial Faith 🌹

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