Nigerian white wedding between Jummai and Deji

Happy married life to Deji and Jummai. By the way, it’s their one month anniversary today. I am so grateful to God and pleased to have been part of their wedding. Their wedding special to me for many reasons. Jummai is like a sister. I have watched and admired and respected their relationship from afar and ‘anear’. We now happy to share the same month for our wedding anniversary. We are both in the medical profession. Her mom was/is an exceptional aunty. I think I can go on, but long and short, I love the girl.

Warning it’s a post filled with pictures. Enjoy.

Bride and groom

Jummai and Deji

Wedding programme


Witness signing the certificate

Wedding at ECWA Wuse 2 Abuja

Wedding party

With the bride’s sister

Wedding table arrangement


My elder sister Loretta Omoya

My darling sister

Groom’s family

Bride’s family dancing in

Bride’s family dancing in

Uneku ALFA my sister

My other sister, Blessing

Nephew 1 and Nephew 2 in the next picture

Bride and her dad

Closing prayer by bride’s niece

ANOTHER VIDEO ALERT: Father and daughter dance Ps I hope the video plays

Yay! Happy Deji and Jummai

Happy married life Dr and Dr(Mrs). It is my prayer for you that God always remains the core of your marriage. In Jesus Christ name! Amen!

Thank you for reading.

P.s: You can check the previous post for traditional wedding pictures. Traditional wedding link.

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7 thoughts on “Nigerian white wedding between Jummai and Deji

  1. Such an awesome  pictures like this as I view the pictures in your post.

     You really make my day reading and viewing this one.

    Thanks. Again. You can check me up on my blog also

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for replying  back to me.

        I guess you find my replies to your comment interesting.

        Am totally happy I made you smile  ☺ OK…

        I really enjoyed such post from you.
        Keep the vibes on Mrs Helen

        Peace ✌and Love ❤


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