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We can relocate in different ways. In the physical or in our minds. One of the major relocations I had to do in my life was moving to another state when I got married.

Having to move from Abuja to Lagos was a big shift. Many things made it big. I don’t think I am generally good at moving, although I like adventure I like it to be fun and interesting. Abuja is calm. There is less traffic. People are not exactly in a rush and this is the life I had become accustomed too. Even more importantly is the fact that my family lives here.

After marriage, I had to move to a totally different state. Lagos state. It’s rowdy, noisy, fast paced and I didn’t have as many close family ties in Lagos. So it was scary and I think I resisted it in my mind even before moving. My experience so far of Lagos though has been worthwhile. It’s had its challenges but it’s had its Joys too. Lagos is innovative, it teaches you to hustle, it a commercial city and has many opportunities.

Being away from comfort makes you grow. You learn to actually make decisions on your own. Lagos is also the place I learnt to sew. I got to meet new people who I believe I may not have otherwise met and who I think would be in my life for a very long time.

Relocating can be scary and daunting and while you may not like the vibe of the place you are going to, I think it’s best to go in with a healthy attitude, willing to learn all the things that place can offer you. Of course you can always plan to move to another place or city of your choice but I think you can always learn something from the place you are right now or have to be for a season (or for a long time).

What has your biggest relocation been? How did you handle it and would you do it differently given another chance?

Thank you Abuja

Thank you Lagos

Thank you God.

As a blossom into the person God has purposed me to be, I like to think that it’s not only the people that surround me that have influenced me but also the cities I have been fortunate to live in and interact with.

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7 thoughts on “Relocate

  1. Wait! You’ve been in Lagos all this time? I thought you were still in Abuja. Between 2013 and 2015 I’ve relocated twice the first was for work from Abuja to Anambra and later for marriage from Anambra to Lagos. I was most excited about the Anambra move I have to say cause I took it as a major learning and growing experience first because of the new job and because I didn’t know anyone or anything about Anambra before moving. By God’s grace some days before the move a friend of mine connected me to her cousin and his family, may God bless them abundantly for me. Moving to lagos was more daunting than exciting because it felt like was truly living everything behind my family, friends, work , independence and my identity to start out a new life and I was due with our first child a month after the move. Will I do it again ten times yes!! The new family and friends and experiences and even growth both spiritually and mentally have made it worthwhile.

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    1. I have been in Lagos. Well until beginning of this year when I sort of relocated back to Abuja because of work but I may be back to Lagos again. It’s interesting that the Anambra love excites you. Amen to the prayer. Yeah @ Lagos and being daunting. Aww that’s great that you would do it again! The experience most have worked. Great stuff. Thanks for reading and commenting


  2. Hi Quintessential,
    Hope you are doing good. I really enjoyed your blog. It is good to know your relocation experience was smooth. Currently I am working in an international Relocation Assistance company and I see lots of people have fear during moving. They don’t want to move from one place to another. But according to me relocation brings lot of changes in you and people near to you. As you said, “Relocating can be scary and daunting and while you may not like the vibe of the place you are going to” and this happened with me. During my relocation time, I had to move from Delhi to USA and really, I got frustrated how to shift from one country to another. And the main problem is I have to shift with my flurry friend. At that time, I contacted to various companies but I was not sure which can provide better relocation with my pet. Then I got reference of PM Relocations. They did their job very well and make my relocation experience very smooth and enjoy full.

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