Ripple effect 

The waiting time can be many things. It can be a period for anger or being quiet and still or reflecting on things that have passed or thinking and planning for the future. On this day, my waiting resulted in reflection.  

I am taking an online course and part of the course content is how to run health care systems. One of the things discussed is how management should be done from a systems approach rather than a linear approach, so basically we need to look at the events that happens in relation to other events and not just single one out. 

Your lecturer is probably the way he is because his wife offended him today, or the accountant has not paid on time or one thing or the other.  So whether you know it or not, you are not just a product of your lecturer but his wife and even his security guard. 

Every action or inaction results in effects that are likely to create ripple effect. While this should make you reconsider and rethink your actions, it should also make you you see that the people around you act the way they do because of the systems that have created them or that still run them. 

P.s: Try to ignore the fact that I have a green tea bag in a caffe latte cup. It’s fine. 

Green tea bag in cup with caffe latte and other stuff written on it

What do you do during your waiting time? 

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