Fashion style: Male inspired, female, work look

Beginning of the work week! 

What would your style this week be about? 




What color palettes would you be playing with? Quite frankly, I don’t always think about the theme, I should though, I just go with the flow. Sometimes the flow works and somethings it …….blehs……… flops. So I should say, planning is better. Anyways I digress. 

This was one of those days were too much planning didn’t go into play, but there was some thinking and it worked. 

The jacket is so cool and it was given to me by my husband. He got it from Zara. My trousers are from my lovely friend, Nabzie, and my shoes from Jumia. By pairing these with the other items I have on, my look became a male inspired, female, work outfit, just like that. Like it?  🎼 I got the magic in me 🎼*phew*

💃🏽dance 💃🏽dance 💃🏽dance

What did your planned or unplanned look turn out to be? 

Here’s hoping your week is filled with blessings, much more than you can imagine. 

Thank you for reading. 

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Quintessential Faith 🌹

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