Bible Quiz: How Old was Adam when He had Seth? 

Is it not interesting that when we talk about older people like our grandparents and great grand parents and our parents and sometimes strangers we have to add a term of respect like ma or pa or sir or Mr or Mrs and so on, but often Bible characters are just their names. Adam is Adam and Eve is Eve. 

Anyways I digress, as I seem to always do. How are you? Read your Bible today? Is there something you would like to share from your personal Bible lesson? 

So I recently noticed how old Adam was when he had Seth. These days men and women although, mostly women have to take into consideration their age when factoring in the fact that they want to have children. I think it’s always been that way for women though. Humanity does not seem to live as long on this earth as the people of old, so it seems to me that we need to be more conscious of the fact that our days are numbered. 

In this day and time it would be a huge blessing to live up to the age Adam had Seth. So, do you know? How old was Adam when He had Seth? 

Answer: Genesis 5:3

Thank you for reading. 

Please share with friends and family. 

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