God, rest of mind, food, sleep and love 

Drugs have a place in helping us heal, however there are other components of life that helps our mind and body. 

Most importantly is God. The word of God. The Spirit of God. Praising and Worshiping God. In fact the mercies of God. 

Often the things that comes along our paths that helps us heal have been placed in our paths, I believe by God.

So thank God for everything that came along my way, so that I can be broken and then reshaped. 

Quintessential Faith

Good food. Three square meal. Healthy three square meal. Basically the things you have heard before. Vegetables, fruits, proteins and necessary carbs. The body needs them to maintain healthy cells.

Smile, God loves you

The other things that helps our mind and so our body, is rest of mind, good sleep and plenty love. I am still practically learning that worry really solves nothing. There has to be a difference between concern and worry. Here’s hoping we can learn to still our minds, trust in God, be surrounded by people that truly love and care for us. 

To everyone family member and friend and even stranger who reminded me of the Love of God, the place for self love and self confidence and even mind renewal, Thank you ❤️ .

Have a blessed New Month 

P.s: Photo credit, the lovely Ebere (Peep her in the glass).

Purple dress from Jumia

Quintessential Faith 🌹

12 thoughts on “God, rest of mind, food, sleep and love 

  1. Amazing write up , positive vibe all day is what we all need and thank you for coming through will wonderful and calming words … I look forward to reading me and enjoying everything about this blog …
    all the best dear …

    Liked by 1 person

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