New food and ventures 

I remember this day, over a year ago when I went out with my cousin in love and her friend. It was an interesting outing. We had discussions where we kind of agreed to disagree and we had good food and took some cool pictures.
I don’t know where all the pictures are now though (or I am too lazy too look for them), anyways I digress. 

That day I tried sushi for the first time. It was one that had a bit of cooking, so thank goodness. Funny enough it was not as bad an experience as I thought it would be.
I actually was able to eat and keep down the meal. In some crowds I am the picky eater and in other crowds I am the adventurous eater. 

I’d say this though, these days, I am likely to try any meal that would add nutritional value to the body.
Ever had sushi? What food from another culture or county have you tried recently? Did you like it and would you have it again?

About the ventures part, I have not tried any new one recently. Any suggestions? 😊
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6 thoughts on “New food and ventures 

  1. This is on point. Not many people are conscious of the factors I would say, you have put forward. Good one.

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  2. Adventurous food lover here!!! Except with food that is raw or bloody or insects or reptiles. I recently tried humus for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought I’d hate it cause I’d watched an episode of how it’s made on Discovery channel and thought pickles in anything is a no no for me since I don’t like pickles in burgers. But I’m ashamed to say I took more humus than my friend who actually ordered it. I tried it once again about a month later and I still loved it so next time I won’t judge a meal by it’s ingredients, except those that fall in the no no list.

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