Tips to add weight, healthyly?

There has to be such thing as adding health weight.

I have sort of been on the journey to add weight, the healthy way. It would seem like the general consensus on how to add weight would be to eat plenty carbs, maybe eat late and those sort of advice.

I like to think there are better ways to add on healthy weight.

Some of my recent snacks. Yay or nay? 

One of the things I did was to make sure I eat three times a day and worry less. Usually I eat like once or twice a day. I also started incorporating snacking in between meals, on some days. A lot of this is carb based. I am just here wondering, are there healthy ways to add weight? Which have you tried?

I also think I should probably add exercising to my weight adding routine, so I can direct the fat or weight away from my stomach.

Please comment below on healthy weight adding tips you know of

Thank you for reading.

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Quintessential Faith 😊

13 thoughts on “Tips to add weight, healthyly?

  1. A balanced life style entails incorporation of all at a mid Pont between excess and deficit. When we take just what the body needs, and not what we want, I think we will keep our weight in-check.

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  2. I think your on the right path so far which is eating 3 times a day and snacking in between and even more important exercising.

    For meals I would suggest that your meat be He main star of your dish so that things like rice and vegetables , which should be large too , supports it. This is so the kind of weight you gain is more muscle than fat. To support muscle weight increase, I would suggest your exercises should be more of lifting weights and squats and less of cardio like running and Zumba like classes . I hope it helps.


    1. I agree with Maki. I googled a bit about adding weight the healthy way and I came across weight lifting and squats. Cardio was said to make you loose more weight. Basically, to gain weight, you need to take in more calories than you burn but you still need to eat right. A balanced diet is key, at least 3times a day, then snack in between with healthy fat like avocado, peanut butter, banana, yoghurt and eggs. Remember you need to exercise so you gain muscle and not fat. @quintessential faith, you may be wondering, if I know what to do, then why am I still like this? No time I guess. I still burn more than I eat? Or maybe it’s just genetics

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  3. Well I think health is both about the mind and the body, we focus more on the body and forget that the mind is also as important.
    Worry less and engage in activities that increase the activity and happiness levels
    We gain more weight when we are happy and we tend to also eat more when we are happy
    Friendly visits
    This are some of my suggestions

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    1. That’s true. The mind and body connection. What can one do to build a calmer and less worrisome mind though? Thanks for the suggested ways and activities. Here’s to worrying less 🌹


  4. Just want to say good job @ Faith, keep it up !!. I think understanding what works for you is key. For me its good and restful sleep cycle n healthy snacking between meals of which fura and yoghurt combo works like magic. I appreciate all the other responses too

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