Face to face bonding time


I keep coming in and out of this blogging life, it begs the question:  Is this blogging life really for you Faith? …. but I digress.

How have you been? You know, often when I hear people say things like they are trying to discover themselves I usually wonder what they mean. Now I know. Sometimes life happens and it takes a toil on you, that makes you want to reevaluate your life and decide what path you truly want to take.

These a a few things I am sure about:

I like to blog 💃🏽💃🏽

Quintessential Faith wearing House of Koyo

I like fashion

It’s okay to keep at it, whatever it is, till you get it right.

Your mind is your power house.

God is my cardinal and most important focus.


Yup, Just a few things that were re-enforced in my ‘discovering myself series’.

Anyways, how have you been spending time with your loved ones recently? The pressure to be on social media can sometimes take away from the active time we spend with the people we love. I think every now and then we should ‘escape’ from the world of social media and spend time with the people around you. It does not have to be boring. You can find games like WHOT to play with your dad, Mom, siblings, family and friends.


P.s I won the first round of the game. I hope my winning streak continues. 😀

Have a blessed week

Quintessential Faith

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