Would you take on a spontaneous adventure?

Would you travel spontaneously? 

Hmmm……. Been a minute. Nope not a minute. Been days. I hope you are good and and have been having beautiful days and weeks? The year is running out faster than I imagined. September is almost here and before we know it, it’s December and Christmas time.

I was watching a TV show and heard a question about travel asked and so I thought to share or ask.

What’s  your take on the question in the picture? Would you travel spontaneously or do you have to plan? By spontaneous I mean, wake up, cash and ATM card in hand, go to the airport, check for what flights and destinations are available, pick one, pay and just go see what’s on the other end.

Would you? 😊

Thank you for reading.

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Quintessential Faith

2 thoughts on “Would you take on a spontaneous adventure?

  1. Good evening everyone! I say yes to the question, I love adventures so much. Although I need some support from my wife.


  2. I think for me, I would have to plan but then again I like spontaneous adventures too. I would definitely try a spontaneous trip some day :). how about you?


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