Guarding the past

IMAG3736.jpgEver read or heard a story and judged the person immediately?

Perhaps you have. Perhaps you haven’t.

Ever told your own story and felt judged immediately? If yes, did you feel it was fair to have been judged that quickly? Now how do you feel about judging other? The same?

Many people have a ‘past’, everyone perhaps. Some more dramatic than others. With this knowledge, people still seem to hide their past. I can think of a few reasons why they do that. People would judge them too quickly they feel or maybe they won’t be seen as normal anymore or maybe their weaknesses and flaws would be used against them or maybe they would no longer be worthy of love.

Has someone you shared a secret with ever used it again you? Maybe it was not even a secret to be ashamed of, maybe it was a weakness. A weakness such as taking longer to comprehend a note as compared to others, may be interpreted as you being dull.

I guess I am just trying to highlight how much burden we can be as humans to each other. I am not encouraging mistakes. By no means. If anything, the Bible says the truth sets free. So I advice you to say the truth and seek to hear the truth.

…. but I also advice you to remember that’s you should not judge so that you be not judged and that it is with what measure you mete out that you would be meted.

I hope you find people around you to whom you can truely share your past and weaknesses and who can help you grow from it. I also hope that you are not that human that pulls a person down with their past or weaknesses.

Be kind.

Let love rule.

Thank you for reading.

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