Celebrate Sisterhood: We can do more together

I read this post and thought of how true it can be. Many women seem to have a need to be at odds with each other even before they know the person. A man walks into a room where a woman is and the woman may feel a need to welcome him and a woman walks in to the same room and she just suddenly has an attitude. Why?

If you are a woman reading this, don’t get too defensive too quickly. Ask yourself genuinely what kind of woman you are, the genuinely friendly one or the one with genuine animosity?

‘Step out of yourself’ and think of who you really are, if you were to look at yourself from the outside. So, are you one of those people with a stinky attitude or do you help other people and in particular women around you? Are you that colleague or class mater or just human that abhors the sight of new women or do I look for opportunity to help those in my environment.
Granted some of you may have had experiences that has made you have a default snotty and snobbish attitude, but is there another way? I think there is. At least there has to be. How about you have a default loving spirit and ask God for a discerning spirit, to know those to keep away from?

What really do you stand to loose if you help the new lady who walks in? Or even the lady who you have had to come across for years? Oh but she may burn me or disappoint me, but what if she doesn’t, what if she becomes that friend that sticks closer than a brother?
This is not a post or an invitation to shut down your ability to reason and decide who you want in your circle. Not necessarily. It is a post asking every woman to check their attitudes and stop being stuck up. It’s alright to be nice and to help the woman beside you. It’s okay to smile at a lady who walks into the room, so she can feel at ease and ask for help. I doubt it’d kill you.
Let’s drop the culture of thinking we have to be at odds with each other or that we have to be messy with each other.



Let love rule. Having said all these, I think this is a post with an opportunity to appreciate some of the friends and in in my life who have been more than friends. People who know the very depth of me, even the dirt and they still choose to call me friends and to pray and sing and play with me.



This is not to say these are the only women in my life that have been of help to me, but they happen to be the ones that made it into this post.



So for all the women who have somehow stood by me and been of help to me one way or another, thank you.


I love and appreciate you.

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Thanks for reading.

Quintessential Faith.

Niki Meadows


There’s such animosity that’s encouraged between women in society. You see it played in movies and experience it play out in real life. If they don’t know each other, they don’t like each other. They don’t even give each other a chance to see if they would. They judge each other from their hair to their shoes as they walk by.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrate Sisterhood: We can do more together

  1. I enjoyed reading this and it certainly made me think deeply. I agree we as women should help other women more. That thing about giving a woman who walks into a room an attitude is actually a real thing even if some people don’t want to believe that it is. It really shouldn’t be that way at all. Great post. xx
    Coco Bella Blog

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