Self compassion: Filling up the love tank

It’s been more than a week since my last kindness challenge post and I have not done all that the self compassion post advices we do, but I think it’s time for me to post about my own thoughts on it now. I am learning to fill up my love tank, especially towards myself. I guess I probably somehow thought it was okay to love others at the detriment of myself.



However, if I wear myself out, how do I become of service to others. If I don’t study the word of God enough, if I don’t get mental and physical rest, basically, if I keep giving at the detriment of my own mental health, a time would come when I won’t be able to give. Thank God for God, thank God for my best friend who reminds me of the word of God and thank God for every person, family, pastor, friend and even ‘strangers’ that have been instruments in helping me.


I am worthy of love, self love and so are you. If I learn to be be kind to myself and be compassionate to myself then perhaps I would be able to give love and compassion to others that comes from a place of love and not fear or guilt.


You can join the kindness challenge too by clicking the link SELF COMPASSION || KINDNESS CHALLENGE


P.s: Note how the picture of the nut progresses from empty shells to filled shells, spelling love. I hope we all grow to Love ourself and others.

Be Kind!

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