MY mason jar indulgence (parfait)

IMG_1607.JPGWhat to do with a mason jar? Β πŸ€”

What to do with some chopped fruits? πŸ€”

What to do with chocolate? πŸ€”

What to do with cashew nuts?πŸ€”

What to do with yoghurt? πŸ€”

Make a smoothie, maybe or make a parfait. I went the parfait route this time. This parfait can be healthy or unhealthy depending on what type of yogurt and chocolate you use. I used unsweetened yoghurt but I used sweetened chocolate.

What I did? Layered the ingredients as I wanted. So in one jar for example I could have a layer of unsweetened yoghurt and then a layer of pineapple, then another layer of unsweetened yoghurt, then a layer of chopped chocolate!

The other parfaits had grapes as the fruit option or apple. Can’t remember what was in the fourth one πŸ€”.Β Cashew nuts can also be used as topping. This can be one of the deserts you serve your guest.


Have you tried making a parfait before or will you try one? What would be your ingredient of choice? Would yours be a healthy indulgence?


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Quintessential Faith

8 thoughts on “MY mason jar indulgence (parfait)

  1. yumm I’ve recently started making parfaits and I try my best to make them healthy :). I keep it simple by using low fat or greek yogurt topped with vanilla almond quinoa granola, a teaspoon of agave syrup and sometimes banana :).


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