Nutrient in hand

Nutrient drink: Water melon and cucumber. 

I hear and read that the things we consistently do, say, think, actions we take and, food and drinks we put in our body influences who we become.

So perhaps it would be a good habit for us to decide to read great books as often as we can, maybe at least one book a month? The Bible should be read everyday though, I believe, as many times as possible within the day.

We should also be more conscious of the things we expose our eyes and therefore minds too. This may mean choice of movie and music and shows to watch.

P.S: I really do need to ‘watch’ the shows I watch. 

……….. And then of course there is food and drinks. Think balanced diet. This diet should include fruits and vegetables. I am tying to include them as often as I can in my daily meals, I think we all should. Give the body the right fuel to feed on! Hence my watermelon and cucumber smoothie. Are you making any changes or improvements to your daily routine and what’s in your smoothie? Assuming you had one today 😊 By the way, thats a picture of a smoothie I had some weeks ago. My today’s smoothie had, celery, parsley, cucumber and carrot.

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Quintessential Faith

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