Nutrient in hand

I hear and read that the things we consistently do, say, think, actions we take and, food and drinks we put in our body influences who we become. So perhaps it would be a good habit for us to decide to read great books as often as we can, maybe at least one book a … More Nutrient in hand

Baked oat balls

Hello how are you? Great I hope! Snacking through the day is probably something quite a number us do (or not). So this is a post about a snack I made. Baked oat balls. What I used: 250g of oats 3 table spoons of sugar 3 table spoons of honey A cup of chopped cashew … More Baked oat balls

Self Love

Healthy challenges that can help you develop yourself I think are great. This week I learnt to love myself by telling myself it’s okay to rest. I don’t need to try to solve or fix everything. Like it’s okay to rest and breathe. For someone who used to worry a lot, letting go and freeing … More Self Love