DIY Good A.M Mug

Good morning,

How are you and your loved ones? I hope you had a restful night?


Mornings kind of set the tone for the day, so it’s good to wake up happy, grateful and hopeful for the day.

Something that can help us feel up bit about the day? A mug, given to us by a loved one and especially one that has some personal or DIY touch. Often these personal touches may not require so much.

IMG_1587.JPGThis is what I did. I got a permanent marker from the store, shop rite and then wrote a message on the cup, baked for about 45minutes in the oven and there you have it. A DIY mug that would remind the user of you.


Note: I used a ceramic mug this may not be applicable to other materials. Hand washing is advised. Do not preheat the oven before baking. For safety reasons, such repurposed items are better used for decorative purposes.

What personal touches are you adding to the day of your loved ones?

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