Reinventing how he listens to music: Creativity

We can always find creativity around us and even learn from the people we come across.

IMG_0896.JPGSo some days ago I got into a taxi and I saw a Cassette. I can’t remember the last time I saw one. When I was growing up though they were quite popular and I remember biro, pen and pencil were used sometimes to wind and rewind tapes. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I came across this cassette in a taxi.

I had to ask the man how he is able to get music into the cassette and all, just because I don’t now how many tape recorders still exist and how easy it is to come across and use.

The man told me that it is easy for thieves to break into the car and that they always steal the more modern music player attached to the car, so he decided to get this version, that perhaps would keep the thieves away. It’s not exactly a cassette player though. It’s an MP3 connection point, so all He has to do is connect the hanging cord you see to His phone and or other device and play his music. He does not actually need a tape or cassette recorder.


What new challenges have forced you to reinvent something in your life or used an invention out there? What have you created recently to manage a problem?

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