Opinions and onions.

Funny how the word opinion, somehow has the word onions in it. Like onions, opinions have their values but they can sting too, so I hope we get the value part of opinions from the people around us rather than the sting.

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I like my wedding ring. It’s too big to fit on my wedding finger though. So I wear it on my middle finger. However sometimes to avoid being questioned I move it to the ring finger. Now this is not the best choice as the ring could easily fall off, but yesterday I did that. I moved the ring to my wedding finger. I had packed out a number of stuff and was transferring them to another office. When I got in the office and wanted to use the rest room, I realized one of my ring was missing. I panicked a bit. Thank God I found it, almost immediately on the table. Lessons I learnt, don’t panic, be calm and also don’t let the opinions of others make you loose your ring, or other valuables.

Lets choose the opinions we hid too, like I said they are like onions they have value but can sting too.

Quintessential Faith

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