Names I found is Genesis 14 and their meanings.

How are your? Excellent I hope. I am still studying the life of Abraham and in between I come across more names in the book of Genesis. Today I would like to explore the ones I saw in Genesis 14.


Male name;

Amraphel: One that speaks of dark things or he whose words are dark

Arioch: Royal, long, great, tall

Kedorlaomer: Handful of sheaves

Tidal: That breaks the yoke, knowledge of elevation

Bera: A well, declaring

Birsha: An evil; a son who be holds

Shinab: Father of changing

Shemeber: Name if force, name of the strong

Bela: White, destruction, Nick name of Albert: noble

Mamre: Rebellious, bitter, set with tress

Eshcol: Cluster of grapes

Aner: Answer, song, affliction

Melchizedek: King of justice

Interesting right?

What new names and meaning have you recently discovered?

Thanks for reading

Quintessential Faith

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