The world God created is beautiful. There may be a number of challenges you face but there is a lot of beauty around us and the sun is one of them. It may seem like it burns, but ask those who live in cold climate, they look forward to the summer. They need a break … More Sunny

DIY Good A.M Mug

Good morning, How are you and your loved ones? I hope you had a restful night? Great! Mornings kind of set the tone for the day, so it’s good to wake up happy, grateful and hopeful for the day. Something that can help us feel up bit about the day? A mug, given to us … More DIY Good A.M Mug

Build These 10 Daily Habits to Boost Happiness — Healthy Life Perspectives

Some times it takes doing simple things consistently to get to live the life you truly want. It may not require a big step, you may need to do some simple things but do them consistently. I am learning the value of consistency! I came across this post on Monte Parker ‘a blog that mentions … More Build These 10 Daily Habits to Boost Happiness — Healthy Life Perspectives

Week 1| Self-Love

Originally posted on The Richness of a Simple Life:
Attention Kindness Challenge participants! In this post, you’ll find: this week’s  theme prompt & exercise a screensaver for this week’s theme the reflection post prompt questions If you haven’t signed up for the challenge yet and would like details about the challenge, click here. Don’t forget…


Saturday! It’s the weekend and we all like to relaxxxxxxxxxx! So I am thinking: what breakfast would you make that would be delicious, satisfying and without stress! Pancake! Pancake! Pancake! These pancakes were made by Yegra’s brother, Sam. He is really good and you should check him out on Instagram, @_samjnr Included in this post … More PANCAKE!

Happy Fathers Day

Yay! It’s a blessing to be alive and it’s a special day, Father’s Day! Wishing every father and father to be Happy Father’s Day! Know that you are loved and appreciated. Every father perhaps wears a different shoes and so feels a different kind of comfort, ease or challenge as compared to another father, but … More Happy Fathers Day