Names in Genesis 11

Reading about the life of Abraham and in Genesis 11, I come across these names and decide to find out  their meanings. Explore the meanings with me. Placeholder Image

Male names;

Shem: Renown

Arphaxad: A healer, A releaser

Shelah: Petition

Eber: One that passes, anger

Peleg: Division, Channel

Reu: His friend, his shepherd

Serug: Branch, layer, twining

Nahor: Snorting

Terah: To breathe, scent, blow

Abram: Exalted father

Haran: Mountainer

Lot: Covering, Veil.

Female names;

Sarai: My lady, my princess.

Milcah: Queen

Iscah: To behold

Beautiful and interesting names I say. What names have you recently found in the Bible? What is the meaning of the name and what is the meaning of your name?

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