Returning back

Hello diamond, Sometimes breaks are needed in life General and particular aspects of life. How long should these breaks be though? I like the view from the break I was taking weeks ago below:

Every time you take a break from something, returning back becomes a chore. So how does one get back to doing what they want to do or once did? I am no expert but these are a few things that may help or starting point
1. Pray. It is the key after all. It hands over whatever you want to do to God and lets you know if it’s something you should do or not.

2. Ask yourself why ,why did I start? Or why do I want to start? The reason can often put things in perspective and give us the push we need to start. So remind yourself of the why.

3. Outcome(s): what is likely to be the outcome of the this new venture I am about to embark on or want to return to? The journey often seem hard if we take our eyes off the price. If we keep stirring at the beautiful end to come though, we are more likely to keep on.

4. Fellow soldiers: find not just people but determined people who want to do the same thing as you or who are invested in seeing that you excel at whatever new thing (book writing, blogging, cooking, learning, dieting, healing etc.)that you want to get involved in. When you have people working with you or routing for you, it can seem to make the process bearable and the walk and work that much more easy.

What do you think? Can these help? What things have you been planning to start? Why haven’t you started? What old things do you want to do again? And what is hindering you? Let me know what your tips are for getting on with stuff you really want to do and how you push on.

Faith. A. A.

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