Note 1: My book gift from the Lovely Anwuli: Woman Thou art loosed by T.D. Jakes

My lovely friend Anwuli gave me a book, that many of you may have read or not. I enjoyed reading it and I made a lot of notes. Thank you beautiful Wuli.

Every now and again, I would share notes from the book that resonated with me. Here are some:

Some of us, maybe all of us have pasts that we have allowed dictate our present, at least I have done that. Wallowed in guilt so much that it drained me and impeded my ability to move forward in many other areas of my life.
………But isn’t it comforting to know that with God no matter what our past or history says we can still rise from the ditch and become what God wants us to be. The prescription to get over the past like T.D Jakes says, is God. As I go to God asking His prescriptive word for me, I hope you find the courage to do the same.

We all probably view love differenfly but to cling may not necessarily be the same as loving. Love is more giving than receiving and when we cling, we perhaps have a tendency to suck more out of people than we would give to them. Learn instead to depend totally on God than man. Men will fail Men. Sometimes, maybe not intentionally but nonetheless they will. Hold on instead to God.

Oh how judgmental we can be sometimes. A few times to our own detriment. We have the proclivity to assume that because a certain thing is not going a certain way for someone that it must mean that the said person did not make enough effort. Don’t get me wrong. That sometimes is the case. People sometimes may not do ALL they are required to do. But that is not always the case. Some women and men perhaps have given their all, tried their best and may still not be at the place they hope to be yet. The fact that she could in ‘no wise lift herself up’ may mean that she had tried or that her strength was not sufficient. Often as humans our strength is not sufficient. These people who haven’t gotten ‘it’ though, would get there some day with God on their side, but you and I should be careful to assume that the infirmed woman lacks what it takes to rise again. Watch your criticism. before you decide that a person didn’t pray enough, or read enough or hustle enough, bite your tongue (and thoughts) and perhaps pray for the person instead.

I really did learn a lot from this book and I am in fact looking forward to another book. I am no ardent reader but I think I am wise enough to know I should better get to be one. Wisdom they say are hidden in books.
Hopefully you stick around for my when next I post something else, especially from the book : Woman thou art loosed by T.D. Jakes

Thanks for reading
Share with a friend or two. Don’t forget to share with family too
Faith .A. A

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