Mummy’s Beetroot, carrot and apple smoothie

Hello diamonds,

Hope you have all been great? It is always a joy to see mummy and I saw her this past weekend. You know mamas are always loaded with the best food, care and love. Mummy I love you and thank you for this recipe.

Beetroot Carrot and Apple Smoothie

This smoothie is easy to make as it requires the use of mainly three ingredients. Below is how I made Mummy’s beetroot, carrot and apple smoothie.

3 small size beetroots
3 Apples
5 Carrot
150mls of water
Lemon (Optional)


Raw Beetroot Carrot and Apple

Wash the beetroots well and then peel. Was again then chop into small pieces. Wash the apples also and then chop them up. The carrot should be properly cleaned too. Scrap the back with a knife, then wash and chop the carrots.

Chopped Beetroot Carrot and Apple

Get your smoothie maker or blender, make sure its clean, then pour in the chops of beetroot, carrot, apple and water then blend.

Blender of chopped Beetroot Carrot and Apple

Be sure to put the blender/smoothie off in between blends and add alittle more water if the content seems too stiff in the blender. Once the mixture is properly blended, pour into a cup or jar and chill for about 30 minutes to an hour then serve.

Beetroot Carrot and Apple smoothie with squeezed lemon

If you have lemons and like the taste of it, you can gently squeeze half of the lemon on top a cup of the smoothie and enjoy your drink.

Beetroot Carrot and Apple smoothie with squeezed lemon

Simple right?
Go on now, try it!
Share the fun. Share the Smoothie. Share the link.

Remember experiences are better when we share.

Beetroot Carrot and Apple smoothie with squeezed lemon

Thank you for always stopping by and telling you loved ones about the blog.
Have a blessed day and week.
Faith.A.A (@faithalfa)

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