Elvire’ s Apple Cake

I have a guest foodie on the blog today, my friend Elvire. Being French, all things fine appeal to her. She made this beautiful fine Apple cake that is simple and easy for you to try out. Find the details below. 

4 apples
4 eggs
100 g sugar + 100 g for the caramel
100 g butter
200 g flour
1 bag vanilla sugar
1 bag baking powder (7 g) 
2 spoons liquid milk

Cake mold
Baking paper
2 plastic bowls
Preheat the oven at 180 degrees. 
Wash and peel the 4 apples then slice it in pieces. Take the cake pan and put the baking paper in it. 
In a pot prepare the caramel by pouring  in 100 g of sugar and 75 ml of water, and placing on a cooker at low heat. Once it becomes brown switch off the heat and pour the caramel into the cake pan. Then place the apples on the caramel. 
After that, prepare the cake dough. To do so, separate the egg yolks from the egg white. Whisk the yolks with sugar for 2-3 minutes in a plastic bowl. Add the butter, flour, milk and baking powder.  Make sure the whisking is continuous. 
In the other bowl, whisk the egg white with a pinch of salt till it becomes stiff. Mix slowly into the dough using a spatula. No need to whisk anymore, just gently mix. 
Now, pour the dough on the apples. Put it in the oven at 180 degrees for 40 minutes. Check if it’s baked by putting a teeth pick inside. If it is dry, the cake is baked. 
When the cake is mildly warm, remove it from the pan. You can decorate it with whole almond. You can also eat it with vanilla ice cream.
Ah nice!
I hope you get to try it out.
Share the fun. Share the link. Share your apple cake.
Experiences are much better when we share.
Thank you Elvire for this.
I look forward to more from you.
Faith . A. A (@faithalfa on instagram) 

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