What would YOU and I be remembered for?

So I got this song from my #friend recently, it was saved as He will save you, but when I listened to the song, it was not the same as He will come and save you. Don’t get me wrong He will come and save you is great but this was not it. This song has a ring to it that just had you glued to it, so today we used the #schazam #app to look for the lyrics, because all these while we were just connecting to the spirit with the tune (Don’t be like us, get to know the lyric, first or as soon as possible, I digress) Anyways we found the lyrics. It’s a #Hymnal #Song called Come Thou Font of Every #Blessing. Pretty sure I may have heard the song before perhaps many times but this time it had done something to me that I wanted to find the #origin, so I went on to search #online and found that the song was written by Robert Robinson in 1757! Let me write that again 1757, over 259years later and its still making impact. He was 22 years when he sang the song and the cover of it has been done by many people. The version of the song that I got hooked to was the one sang by #Bob Fitts. Robert must have fallen so much in love with #God that he wanted to have a feel of what home beyond this world would be ‘Teach me some melodious sonnet, sung by flaming tongues above’. The other thing that got me in the #lyrics is how he recognized that we need God to take our #heart and seal it so that we do not wander away from our Lord and in essence our purpose. ‘ Bind my wandering heart to Thee Prone to wander, Lord I feel it Prone to leave the God I love Heres my heart, oh, take and seal it Seal it for Thy courts above’. And here I am wondering how deep I let God go with me. Do I want Him to own Half of my heart or am I okay with Him taking my whole heart and sealing it such that my treasures are laid above, in the courts above, so that on the day of reckoning I would be found worthy? 200+ years from now would #posterity remember you? And like my dad always asks what would they remember you for? Would your works or passion inspire and impact like Robert’s work has? May we impact #lives while we live and after we have gone to our #home beyond this land.

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