….. the freezer, is it functioning?……….

………..For the contents of a freezer or fridge to continuously remain in the cold or frozen state, the appliance has to be functioning. This means that merely putting water in a freezer doesn’t guarantee that it would get frozen. To add to that, that there is water in the freezer doesn’t mean that it is good enough for drinking.

To have water or food in the freezer safe for consumption it has to be properly frozen and kept in sanitary condition. This means there has to be a continuous constant supply of power and the appliance has to be regularly cleaned.

If the freezer is on every now and then, it’s contents defrost and take a while to freeze back, when power source is reconnected. Depending on how long it takes for the power source to be reconnected, the contents may even get spoilt. This means if you want to be reasonably certain that your items in the freezer are well frozen, then you must ensure the availability of constant and continuous power supply.

Another thing that is needed to ensure usability of the contents of the freezer is hygiene. If the freezer is not regularly cleaned, items become stale, contaminated, smelly to list, but, a few. Regular cleaning means you ensure that spoilt items are taken out, so that they do not somehow affect the other items in the freezer and also so that they are not eaten by another person. Eating spoilt food would usually result in stomach upset, at the very least. No one wants that. An additional incentive for cleaning is that, the freezer would be pleasing to the eyes and give that additional little pleasure.

However if you live with friends or family and you find that you are the only one ensuring cleanliness and availability of power supply, you may get tired and discouraged. It’s often more encouraging to go on cleaning if someone assists you or someone else takes up the role every now and then. In a situation where you are burdened with the responsibility alone you may get tired and abandon it all together or you may attend to it sparingly. Sparing attention means you would almost always certainly meet spoilt items when you decide to clean and that cleaning up in those times may be very exhausting because you have left a long gap in time before returning to attend to the appliance. The long time may allow for build up of dirt and other issues with the freezer. So after taking weeks or months to calm down before deciding to clean the freezer you may realise that you are facing more burden than is necessary. Granted though, it’s annoying to keep being the only one doing it.

This freezer story I think applies to many aspects of our lives. It’s not enough to start a thing or just merely say with mouth how passionate you are about something! You have to do more and do more constantly. It could be a business idea, career deveopment, marriage, relationship building, project fulfilment, writing a book, having a well kept home and more. It’s not enough to start.

Ensure that you always have a power source, continuous inspiration, motivation pouring into your projects continuously and constantly. Almost like making sure your car is fuelled. Additionally monitoring and evaluation (equivalent to cleaning the freezer) is necessary in every aspect of our lives, to ensure that accessments are made and best decisions on way forward are made. Where you need to change certain things you do and where some idea has been found to be worthy, you ensure its continuance. They say if you go alone you will go fast, but if you go with others you would go far. To start speedily doesn’t mean you would reach the finish line. To have a number of people in your lane however means you are encouraged to keep forging ahead (cleaning the freezer). So find people who share your dreams and aspirations, so you can help move each other forward. Furthermore, do not be the aloof, stand by, discouraging one that make it difficult or uninteresting for your spouse, partner, friend or family memeber to go on (keep cleaning the freezer).

So before you start,
Ensure there is a functioning power source,
That you are ready to keep monitoring and reevaluating whatever that project is,
Don’t be a drain on other people’s project, especially when it benefits you directly or indirectly,
Surrounded yourself with people who care, people who are willing to put in their quota.

Faith. A.A

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