Home made Boli and oven grilled tilapia fish

My friend Ibukun had her traditional wedding in November of 2015 and one of the delicacies served was Boli (locally grilled plantain) and a tomatoes-pepper sauce of sort. I was quite hesistant to take it because I was not sure I would enjoy it. Urged by Addurrah (our first fashion teacher) I went on to try it. While I cannot say for certain if this was the first time I had eaten Boli, I can say for certain that I enjoyed it.

Recently, just 4 days ago actually my friend Madrina made home made boli.


Today seeing as I had plantains given to me by my aunt, I decided to try it out, also seeing as I was inspired by a combination of these influences.
Tilapia fish was available on hand too, so why not grill those too? And grilling I did.

All you need:
Plantain (I used ripe ones)
Pepper (dry)
Tilapia fish
Vegetable oil

How to:
I placed my cut pieces of fish in a flat plate, drizzled some vegetable oil over them (olive oil would be better). I went on to season the fish with pinches of salt and dry pepper. This was then placed on the oven grill. The unpeeled plantains where washed and then taken out of the peel. The plantains were then robbed in the flat plate were the fish was seasoned just so it can take up some of those seasonings and flavours.
The plantains were then added to the grill tray.

I put the oven on at medium heat for about 20 to 30 minutes, just to allow the fish and plantains cook well on the inside.

The heat was then cranked up to high heat to brown the plantain and fish on the outside, for about 8 minute after which the fish and plantains were flipped over and allowed to brown on the other side, for another 8 minutes.

There after I took it them out and served with tomatoes sauce. You can serve with any sauce of choice.

Be sure to check that it is cooled before you take it out and leave it in longer if need be. Also use just little oil to avoid smoking up your whole kitchen. If you notice smoke building up in the over, open it up momentarily to let out the smoke and close up again.

Try it out.
You would enjoy it.
If you do, let me know.

Faith A.A.

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