GoLdEn LuCy 8

Lucy’s dad had driven without direction for almost an hour, before finally deciding to drive to the Church.
The guards let him in, he packed his car and slept, or thought, through out the night. He wanted to see the Pastor. Not so much to confess or to be encouraged. He wanted to drop his post as an elder in the Church. As far as he was concerned he had failed at Pastoring his own family, so why should he be an elder in the house of God.
When he told the Pastor, the man felt sad for him. He encouraged Papa Lucy to take a week to think about his decision, but Papa Lucy said his mind was made up. Before the Pastor could even go in debt as to some ways Papa Lucy could manage the situation, he was up and ready to go. He was too broken to listen at this point. The pastor had counselled many people in his lifetime, so he understood that people react differently. He told Papa Lucy to be careful, to take it easy and that he’ll be praying for him.
When he returned home, Lucy greeted him but he said nothing. He didn’t look sad or disappointed. He had a blank look. As the days went by Lucy tried to talk to her dad but he wouldn’t pay attention to her. Her mum didn’t have her time either, but it would seem her mum had pity over her and was coming around faster.
Lucy’s Mum now allowed her into the kitchen and even went with Lucy to book antenatal and delivery services at a private hospital. Papa Lucy provided the funds for this, Lucy would later find out, but still he wasn’t ready for the talk. Mama Lucy was getting worried she feared that her husband may go into deep depression.
Lucy had to shuffle between Abuja and Lokoja for the next 2 weeks trying to complete her clearance from NYSC. Her youth service year was over. Lucy’s dad provided all she needed to to aid her move around but the man still couldn’t sit and have a conversation with his daughter.
One of the times when Lucy was in Lokoja, Mama Lucy invited her friend Madam Francisca to pour out her heart. That day Mama Lucy cried like she hadn’t ever in her life. Her daughter had disappointed her but the daughter she knew was now struggling emotionally, mentally and spiritually and she felt the weight on her child. He husband was beginning to act as a living dead and she being the woman is having to carry the burden of husband and daughter.
Mama Francesca held her friend and allowed her pour out her heart without saying anything. She went to the kitchen got some fruits from the fridge and drinks for them to have and put on the TV. Mama Francesca wanted to calm Mama Lucy down a bit.
After they’d had a little laugh over a movie that was showing, Mama Francesca turned to her friend and started with her:
‘my friend, you have cried and you have prayed, believe that God has heard you. In all of this though, you would have sinned by your thoughts and words, so let us pray before we go on’
They both covered their heads and bowed down. Mama Francesca continued:
‘Lord we thank you for the gift of life, we thank you for friendship, we thank you for our husband and children. Lord we ask for forgiveness of sin in anyway we have both sinned against you and as we sit to discuss may you speak through us and help us open our hearts to you, in Jesus name! Amen!’
Mama Lucy also said Amen!
Francesca’s mum went on:
‘ There is nothing that happens to us that is uncommon to Christians. Know that other Christians may have dealt with similar situations and prevailed. So we would come out of this victorious.
The Bible calls you help, so there is strength deposited in you for every situation that arises in your family. Granted you cannot and will not be able to handle it on your own but with the help of Jesus, victory is sure.
You have to leave the feeling of anger and self righteousness alone and instead soak yourself in love again for your daughter.
Ultimately every warfare we fight as Christians is a ploy by the enemy to bring us down. So you must refuse hatred, anger, spirit of defeat, blame throwing, name calling and the rest of them.
Forgive your daughter and forgive yourself for thinking you weren’t a good enough parent. There is no manual on parenthood and you certainly did the best you could as a mother.
The foundation of any child is the most important structure in their lives and it is because Lucy had that in the bag, that she was able to heed her friends advise.
Let us thank God she didn’t abort the baby and let us thank God she ran to you for help. Whatever you are going through, is not up to half of the emotions that Lucy is fighting with, so help her.
As a family and as individuals pray to God for forgiveness then ask him on the best way to go about the situation. You would need wisdom on how to deal with the father of the child, his family and how to raise this child.
Lucy would also be dealing with stigma issues. She may have offended you, but she is still your daughter, so help build her confidence back.
I am always available my dear, to listen to and talk with you. It’s okay dear. Stop crying’
With this Mama Francesca ended her speech. She prayed again and just sat there quietly with her friend.
Before Francesca’s mum left Lucy’s house she told Mama Lucy to try and talk her husband into allowing the Pastor to come speak to them in the house. Mama Lucy nodded in approval. However she didn’t think her husband would listen. So she fasted and prayed for a day on the matter before approaching her husband. Surprisingly, he agreed and it was almost as if the man had had gotten to a turning point or that God had spoken to him.
The Pastor came to their home and was happy that they were all in a good enough space to talk. He first prayed for them and then went on to counsel them. There was a lot of tears in that meeting and healing.
Lucy’s dad had even agreed to meet the man who’d helped changed the life of their family forever. Adams came over with his family. They were respectful people and when they saw Lucy’s parent’s they laid down to greet them and apologised for what their son had done.
This made it easier for the families to sit and discuss. Adams family even asked that they consider letting Adams marry Lucy. Lucy’s dad let them know it was up to Lucy. He wasn’t buying the idea though. His spirit hadn’t agreed with Adams. Plus Papa Lucy, knew that if Adams was forced to marry Lucy because of this pregnancy and not out of love he may eventually resent her.
Lucky for him, Lucy had the same thoughts. While the families sat inside talking, Lucy sat outside with Adams and from their discussion she could tell that he wasn’t a changed man. He just seemed sober today, but he didn’t love her and was not ready to put his life in order.
She was happy though that both families could have a cordial relationship. It would help the upbringing of the child. Lucy had began to gain her confidence back, surprisingly from her mum. So she knew that she wasn’t going to settle.
Lucy and her family, would have full custody of the child but the child would spend some of his/her holidays at Adams’ family house. Adams would also be required to contribute financially to the welfare of the baby. These amongst other things were discussed by Lucy, Adams and their families.
Lucy was grateful to God for everything, to her friends and in particular Lola for championing the course to stop the abortion. Auta and Lola had gone on to date and were even planning to meet each other’s families but Lucy was fine with that and even if she wasn’t, she had bigger fish to fry. Oh and one important Lesson she’d learnt: People and Things are not always as they seem.
Lucy would go on to give birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl called Oreofeoluwa Ogooluwa Ifeoluwa. Lucky for her the concoction she’d taken didn’t affect the baby.

Thank you for reading, for following the series and for enjoying it. Please share.
Faith Alfa Alozie

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