Sesame Bar

Sesame Bar  Hello diamonds. Enjoying your democracy day I hope? In true public holiday fashion I set out to experiment on food again. I’m happy to report that the outcome was more than ‘sweet’. My food tasters (Hubby, Ukay and Cousin-in- laws) loved it. The recipe below.  Ingredients:  21/2 cups powdered oats 2 cups sesame seeds … More Sesame Bar

Smiley’z Mobile Kitchen: Tasty Treat@ your convenience

Smiley’z Mobile Kitchen started on the foundation of love, grace and passion. I studied Architecture in the University, but i always had and continue to have a passion for making delicious meals. It is this passion that drove me into starting my Own Mobile kitchen. We know anything born out of love and passion is … More Smiley’z Mobile Kitchen: Tasty Treat@ your convenience

GoLdEn LuCy 8

Lucy’s dad had driven without direction for almost an hour, before finally deciding to drive to the Church.The guards let him in, he packed his car and slept, or thought, through out the night. He wanted to see the Pastor. Not so much to confess or to be encouraged. He wanted to drop his post … More GoLdEn LuCy 8

GoLdEn LuCy 7

Lucy had made Ngozi promise that she wouldn’t tell anyone about her pregnancy or worse that she was going to have an abortion. A night to the doctor’s appointment, Ngozi couldn’t bear to keep this secret anymore it was weighing heavily on her and she didn’t know who to tell.  Ngozi had slept relatively early … More GoLdEn LuCy 7