GoLdEn LuCy 5

Mr Adams was really attracted to Lucy. As far as he was concerned he had met the woman of his dreams. Lucy was beautiful, intelligent and she feared God, what more did he need?  He’d told some of his friends about Lucy and his younger sister, who he was closest to in his family. 
One time Adams took Lucy to go eat at a restaurant. She expected a grand setting considering he called it a date. But that was not the part that bugged her the most.
Lucy had formed an ideology in her mind of what Adams was. A God fearing man, from a God fearing family with God fearing friends. When they got to the restaurant, she realised she was in a beer parlour in a garden setting. 
She likes ‘point and kill’ so she did often go to gardens just to buy it, ‘but he said a date for goodness sake’ she thought. Anyway She didn’t want to let that bother her. As they entered deep into the garden, Adams was greeted by a group of men, shouting and hailing him. Saying in pidgin English, ‘Ah na she be this’ ‘Chairman’ ‘you go catch small pikin’ ‘hope say you never spoil this one’.
Lucy noticed Adams tried to keep the tempo of his friends low, but they didn’t listen to him. Adams motioned to Lucy to come sit and he sat beside her. He apologised for the surprise and said he just thought it would nice for her to meet some of his best friends. 
The kind of conversations held in the group, the setting and the lie made the day and events feel rather weird to Lucy. She thought she should pull the plug on this, but then again, she thought is that enough. Adams only had two bottles of small beer. Lucy wasn’t one to go around preaching against a drinking habit, but she knew she did not want it in her man. 
As they went home, Adams tried to push himself on Lucy in the car but she resisted and somehow he took her home in one piece. 
Lucy pondered over the night, drinking when you know you’d drive? Such recklessness. Lying. Drinking at all. Weird or unexpected band of friends. Weird conversations. Her thoughts were all over the place. Onome was fast asleep, so she couldn’t share with her and her other friends were not so happy with her for always bailing on them. 
Auta had left a number of messages on Lucy’s BBM and Whatsapp but she was too busy to reply. She considered telling Adams that their unnamed relationship was over, but she didn’t want to be too brash. The next day Onome woke up and saw that Lucy was still sleeping by 9am. It was a Saturday morning and people tend to sleep long on those days but for Lucy it was weird. Lucy was an early riser. 
Onome and Lucy give their dirty clothes to a woman who comes around the compound to collect laundry. The woman had just come into the compound and Onome was packing hers and Lucy’s clothes when she smelt what she believed was weed, smoke and alcohol on Lucy’s clothe. What kind of company is Lucy now keeping? What is she getting herself involved in? What is Mr Adams doing to my roomie? Onome thought.
Onome tried pushing for answers from Lucy but Lucy glossed over it. Lucy was ashamed to tell Onome, so she lied that they went to have point and kill and some people beside them were smoking. So Onome asked ‘and the alcohol smell’ ‘Alcohol vaporised all the way to your clothe?’. Lucy thought of a lie and said ‘oh no one of the lousy waiters poured some mistakenly on me, his tray tumbled over’. Onome replied ‘Okay o’. In truth it was one of Adams female friends whose drink poured on Lucy, infact she had vomitted on Lucy after she’d had too much. 
Lucy knew she was off path, seeing she had to lie to cover for herself. She also didn’t want to tell Onome because she knew Onome didn’t like Mr Adams. As they ladies were talking Mr Adams drove in. He asked to see Lucy in his car. Lucy got in, blasted him. Mr Adams got quite emotional. He’d been trying to stop drinking and smoking and hanging out with those friends. He didn’t think Lucy should blast him for something he’s trying to work on. ‘Trying to work on? Then why did you take us there’. He explained that he just wanted her to meet them once because they are his best buddies. He then felt pressured to engage in their chat, drinking and smoking. 
Lucy sat and listened, all the while thinking of how he tried to force himself on her. She didn’t say anything about that, ‘he was drunk, he won’t remember that, it was a mistake’ she told herself. Mr Adams apologised over a 100 times and then her brought out a gift bag with non-alcoholic wine, chocolate, a shift dress and voucher for a spa appointment. 
Lucy thanked him and told him it did not make up for his behaviour. They both went to get take out at a fast food and headed to Mr Adams house. Where they watched a movie, cuddled, kissed and enjoyed each other’s company.
Even Lucy thought her action were weird. She had made allowance for behaviours far off her acceptable zone. Sigh. Lucy had to lie more to her friends. Mr Adams got drunk again, he spoke badly of her friends, always try to force himself on Lucy, lied about other girls around him, saying they force themselves to communicate with him.
Oh but on the other side Adams was a good man, he bought food for Lucy, gifts also, took her wherever she wanted and even her friends. Infact one time Auta’s cousin’s car broke down and Adams stayed with them for over 2 hours to help sort out the problem. This was strange because Auta was his rival. Adams also sent money to relatives and gave to stranger plus he went to Church at least 3 times weekly. So at the core, he was a good man. Maybe dealing with some demons but he was good and so Lucy carried on. 
She lied to her friends when she had to and blasted Adams when she had to. It had become a circle in her life. Her heart had grown fond of Adams. On her birthday he threw a surprise birthday for her and invited her friends. All but two of her friends, Onome and Auta, were now on board with this relationship, but everyone came for the party. It was the best birthday Lucy’d ever had and she was so excited about it. 
The next day, which was a Sunday, Adams arranged a private dinner for just him and Lucy at his house. Candlelight, movies, home made dinner and more gifts. This was it for Lucy, this was the man of her dreams. 
They ate, drank and merried. Merried so much that kissing turned to smooching and gradually Lucy felt herself allowing Adams to take her clothes off and do as he pleased. ‘There is a condom in sight at least’, Lucy thought to herself. He wasn’t the first man she’d allowed see her naked but he was the first she’d allowed to do more, to dis-virgin her. 
Properly planned date on Adams part some may say. Lucy enjoyed it because Adams was satisfied. She had ‘paid’ him and at the same time disobeyed self and most importantly God. While Adams slept ‘peacefully’ Lucy cried herself to sleep. 
The days to come would bring Lucy surprise. Adams was now often busy when she needed him. He didn’t take Lucy and her gang home as often. Date nights had reduced. There were a number of changes. Adams was wearing a new mask or maybe he had taken his fake mask off and was now wearing his true identity. 
Lucy still cried herself daily to sleep. Disappointed in herslef. Some days she saw Adams and she told him about her guilt. At first he seemed to feel bad about it, but later on he ignored her when she mentioned it or reminded her that it was consensual. In fact one evening in his car, Adams kissed Lucy and she reciprocated, but as his hand went up her skirt she resisted and that’s when Adams insulted the life out of Lucy ‘wait, you are refusing’ ‘what are you feeling like”holier than thou’ you are no more a virgin and I took it from you so I own a piece of you'”acting like you are about to die”complaining like you were raped”didnt you enjoy it?’. There was no smell of alcohol so Lucy knew Adams wasn’t intoxicated so what had changed? 
A month later, Onome realised she’d been on her menstral period for three days and Lucy wasn’t. Lucy and Onome were usually on at the same time, probably because of dormitory effect. So Onome asked Lucy casually, ‘ah our dormitory effect has been broken?’ Lucy dropped her plate at the mention of that. She hadn’t thought about it, was she over reacting? Was she possible pregnant? or was her period just late? She after all had irregular period. 
Finally Lucy said, ‘you know my periods are irregular’. Onome wasn’t buying it though, it wasn’t the fact that their period were off that made Onome suspicious it was Lucy’s reaction that was selling her out. 
What in this world has Lucy gotten in to? Onome thought to herself
*Golden Lucy 6 Next week*
Faith Alfa Alozie 

One thought on “GoLdEn LuCy 5

  1. Oh my *sadface* if u r destined to be a victim u can't do anything abt dat even if u r holier than thou *sobs n walk away*


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