Chocolate pineapple smoothie

Chocolate Pineapple Smoothie

The healthy regimen continues, for today at least.
You can always look around in your kitchen or neighbourhood for what you can easily get your hands on to make a relatively healthy drink. That’s exactly what I did. I used what I had at home. 

2 cups of frozen chopped pineapples
6 Oranges
1 Apple
6 small Snickers chocolate (relatively healthy; chocolate is good though, it’s the sugar that makes it ‘relatively’.)
A pack of ice cubes

– Squeeze the oranges into a clean cup or bowl, making sure you remove all the seeds.

– Wash and chop the apple.
– Pour the frozen pineapples, orange juice, chopped apple, snickers (divide each bar into two or more pieces) and ice cubes into the blender. 

– Blend till its smooth or at a consistency you like. Pour in a jar or directly into your glass cup and enjoy! 

Note: The orange juice serves as enough fluid to ease the blending process, so you would not need to add water. If your blender can take all the ingredients at once, fine, if not, blend in batches.

If you try it, let us know how it goes.

Quintessential Faith

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