Pancake pie/roll

Pancake pie/roll In the bid to eat healthy, I am trying new food and making modifications to some well known meals. It’s the beginning of the year after all, the least we can do is try and be healthy and hopefully, see it through to the end of the year. Today’s dish is pancake roll. Its health … More Pancake pie/roll


Reinventing or modernizing African food is something quite a number of Africans are involving themselves in. Today’s reinvented food or internationalized food is Moimoi. My friend Nabzie (@Nabzie111) tagged me on a post on instagram and that drove me to check out other posts from that IG page. The page belongs to @dooneyskitchen and it is her post on moimoilette that inspired … More MoiMoilette/Moizza/Beanzza