Hello 2015

Just like that, it’s the end of the year. I read my friend, Etana’s review of her 2014 and I told her she had inspired me to write something. You may find nothing ‘wowwy’ in her story, but that’s the whole point. It does not have to be loud to make all the difference.

2014 was a good year. I end it knowing fully well that I thought I would have been in a ‘better’ place now and that I would have achieved different things, some may say better things, than I have. I end it knowing that I may not have fulfilled all the purpose set for the year. I end it knowing that there are gaps in my life. Personal gaps I need to fill, relationship gaps I need to fill, spiritual gaps I need to fill and a lot more.

Notwithstanding I end it knowing that as untrue as I am, God has been true and he has been Faithful. I’ve seen Him bless me and my family in such ways I didn’t imagine would happen. I’ve seen him humble and yet lift me up, He’s taught me so much including the importance of being patient and that ‘it ALL belongs to HIM’.

So whatever worries and problems I have, I now ‘know’ more practically than theoretically, that I can do nothing, nothing to change them. Only God can do and change the possible and impossible. All I need to do is make my supplications known rather than grumble, think and murmur about them.
We are often told to count our blessings and name them one by one, and though your blessings may seem small in number compared to your problems, in Magnitude, your blessings would be way bigger. After all, you are alive and we all know that where there is life there is hope. God, your life and ability to breathe and move, is assurance that whatever you hope to achieve can still be done.

I’ve explored a lot of my hobbies, DIYing, cooking and I also gained some skills this year, I did more with my passion for fashion, learnt to sew. Took on a professional course.  In between I learnt to be a better wife, albeit failing at times, but learning to rise and be better and to be a Proverbs 31 woman, that’s the aim. 
All these may look small in the scheme of things, but every great thing started small.

To add to the blessings of my year, I met some awesome people this year courtesy Addurrah Creations. Made some potentially life long loyal true friendships.

….. and every minute spent with my new ‘friends’ was worth it.
Old friends are Gold though. God’s helped me maintain some of the best friends out there. They’ve prayed for me, with me, laughed with me (not at me), they have stretched out their hands in good and in bad times.

Family. O what gift they are. If I have to say what a blessing my family has been, I would have to write a book. What encouragement they have been. What sounding boards they have been, listening to my every rant even when they didn’t have to. My safe haven. Nah, the year would have been so messy without them. Family (love) truly is everything. When you have parents, siblings and a husband that would stand by you through the good and bad, the sky is the starting point and for all of them, I am beyond grateful.
Like I said, my life in my eyes isn’t where it I hoped it should be by now. I am however learning to look at my life through the eyes of God and in that way, walk in the right path and appreciate everything.

To gain the big things we must show that we are grateful for the little and can handle the great and still remain humble.
So look at your life, be thankful for all the things you received and be hopeful and prayerful for all the things you didn’t achieve.
Here’s hoping that in 2015 we lean on God and remain obedient to Him and His word, that we lean on our support system (rather than focusing on people who seemingly pull us down) that we think positively, that we have a grateful spirit, that we offer help whenever we can.

. . . that we remain true representatives of God and what’s right, that we don’t just speak what is right but that we live by them, that we read books (a lot of wisdom is hidden in Books, the Bible and other books, we must all cultivate reading habits whether we like it or not), that we always make out time to appreciate the people we love (for we all may have lost a person or two in 2014, vacuum that we know only God can fill, while you have life and your loved ones show love).

. . . that we do away with pride, that we don’t let the devil keep dragging us back with memories of past sins, sins forgiven (If we have asked for forgiveness), that we remember the needy, that we do away with bad habit (anger, malice, unhealthy eating, dirtiness, stealing, and the likes) and a whole lot more.

There is a lot of work to be done on the good side, as I say these words to you I say them to myself too. I hope we get occupied doing the good and developing ourselves and others so that we do not have time for the bad. It’s not necessarily a case of a new year’s resolution. . . But it’s good to stop and re-evaluate our lives and relationships, at different points, the end of the end isn’t such a bad place to do it, although we should do it at other points too.

Thank you for reading
Thank you for supporting
Thank you for checking out the blog
Thank you for spreading the word about the blog
God bless you! Amen!
Happy New Year
Happy, blessed and God filled 2015
So go on be Merry *notetoself*
Faith Alfa Alozie.

2 thoughts on “Hello 2015

  1. This is a wonderful peace cutie cos I think it speaks to everyone. We all have had some blessings from God and going from 2014 to 2015 we need to recognise them. Bravo!!!


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