Zara’s Diary 3

Zara left off at shes talking some more now.

Months passed by, Femi and Zara grew closer. To put it plainly, Femi and Zara were now dating. Clement, who was one of the HOX guys that had grown weak for Zara, felt a bit irked because he liked Zara and had been making plans to ask her out but alas he was tortoise, not a successful tortoise. Zara’s office, Fabuleux, was opening a new branch in Kaduna. Zara had never been to Kaduna but she liked the thought of going there. Why? Femi worked in Kaduna. She’d have the opportunity to meet with him. Yes they had started dating but they hadn’t met yet. 

Zara volunteered to go start up and work in the Kaduna branch. On the 14th of March 2012 Zara packed her bags said good bye to Lagos and took a flight to Kaduna. Femi would be waiting for her at the airport. The anxiety she felt was so much she couldn’t even eat that morning. When she arrived at Kaduna airport, she collected her luggage and went to the waiting area to meet her love. Femi himself was overcome by excitement, he had cleaned his house more than he ever remembered. His mum always shouted at how scattered his house was whenever she came around. He didn’t give any attention to her cry. Zara hadn’t even cried yet, but he knew he had to impress her. He wanted everything to be perfect. He had even cooked. Look Femi didn’t know his way around the kitchen but he had cooked. This one is different, he said to himself.

When he saw her, he thought to himself, certainly, pictures hadn’t done her justice. To be cliche he thought to himself, she does have silky long hair, big eyes, full lips, the lower lips being fuller. She did not have large boobs or hips or ass, but she had body fit for a real life model. ‘The body’ had arrived. She was beautiful and she had an air of elegance and class around her. He hugged her and helped carry her luggage to the car. Shyly, she sat at the passenger’s seat while he drove home. Zara had seen movies where ladies had talked about having butterflies in their stomach, she never understood what they meant, but today, she felt like she had a million butterflies or something of sort in her stomach. They went home, his home, she ate and they gisted like people who had known themselves for years. 

Time literally stopped and before they knew it, it was 9pm. Zara had rented a one bedroom apartment with another of her female colleague who was also posted to the Fabuleux Kaduna office. Femi took her home. Before he left her he hugged her like she had never been hugged before and the volts that went through her body were immeasurably. That night, Zara slept smiling, literally, the whole night. Zara was good at her job but she didn’t hope to there forever. She previously had no interest in Kaduna. Although she had moved to Kaduna to work, the real truth is she had offered herself up for the job because of Femi. 

Many nights, she stayed at his place. Roughly speaking she stayed at his place 3 to 4 days a week and spent the other nights at her own home. Maybe it was familiarity, but the relationship didn’t feel the same anymore. something had changed. as far as Zara was concerned and could see, the change wasn’t from her. She didn’t like expressing herself though, when she was angry. Zara went into a shell in those times, so that she didn’t have to say what she would later regret. Femi however didn’t like that habit of hers. When she withdrew, he filled the void with other things. Some of them included talking to other people, other girls of course. A habit she wasn’t in love with.

Where was this relationship headed? They both asked themselves, in secret. 
She decided to change. Express her self when she was angry. The relationship would become great again, or would it? Was she too expressive or had Femi already filled the void with something, perhaps someone, he was now addicted to? New people and things are generally very exciting, after all. Had Zara made the right decision to come to Kaduna?

Zara’s diary 4 to come next week, and maybe it would be the last part of her diary that she is ready to share, for now. 

Purple Cutie

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