… Because Good morning is too mainstream

Good morning can get pretty normal. Saying it in another Nigerian language would make things different and probably strike a conversation. To add to that, you would be appreciating the diversity in Nigeria. Lets shake it up for shaking up sake. I asked some of my friends what good morning is in their languages and they responded. For what its worth i hope they all actually know what it actually is in their languages. Lol. Well here goes:

Good morning in different Nigerian Languages

Olodudu – Igala

Ututu oma – Igbo

Inakwana – Hausa

Ekaro – Yoruba 

Wapiga – Bura

Mesere – Central Efik

Nyene – Ebira 

Jam bandu na -Fulani 

Amesiere – Ibibio 

Ñmàôchi – Idoma 

Udenve – Tiv  

Orzubi – Boki (Cross river) 

Gwaldiyya – Pyem

Ha gyife? – Gbagyi

Ashyek-o – Bajju

Lavbieze- Bini

Alagha – Oron

Ngu site na OR ya shalla?- Kagoma

Kube lazgin – Nupe

Kpondo re – Eloyi

Nnaken’ya – Chamba

Saareh OR Da swo leh- Jaba

Amzana – C’lela Zuru in Kebbi 

Seredou OR Batei -Ijaw

Ajifan- Jenjo

darugo’ – Tangale

Gupiya – Chibok

Innu so no – Ikulu

Pyinga – Babur, Borno/Adamawa

And of course I had to add little Ghana from @Nabzie111

Ma Kye – Fante

There are definitely many languages i missed out and quite frankly i had never heard some of these languages till today. So were you represented here. If yes, were you rightly represented? If you weren’t please share with us in the comment section and if you weren’t represented at all please share with us too in the comment section. We want to learn.

Purple Cutie 

12 thoughts on “… Because Good morning is too mainstream

  1. Wat if ma peeps ar Frm different states can I take good Frm 1 and morning Frm d oder? # jst saying …backstage


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