Zara’s Diary 4

For Zara’s diary 3Zara was doing everything to help her relationship grow, at least that is what she believed. She was spending more time than she usually would at Femi’s. Somehow she believed the relationship would work better at way. She was practically living with him. The relationship did not seem to get better. Zara was … More Zara’s Diary 4

Zara’s Diary 3

Zara left off at shes talking some more now.Months passed by, Femi and Zara grew closer. To put it plainly, Femi and Zara were now dating. Clement, who was one of the HOX guys that had grown weak for Zara, felt a bit irked because he liked Zara and had been making plans to ask her … More Zara’s Diary 3

Zara’s diary 2

Continuation from Zara got added to HOX by Eunice. She barely said hi in the group before she heard her name called out in the office. Her boss needed her. For what?, she wondered, after all, he had loaded her desk with work fit for five people. Dropping her phone in her office drawer, she … More Zara’s diary 2

In the deep……

I was wondering to myself, what should I do or anyone for that matter, when one feels down or feels like they are heading down into the dark deep. So I asked some of my friends what they do when they find themselves in this kind of situation. Find their answers below.  Thank you to … More In the deep……