Choosing your addiction

As young people, we tend to want to dabble into any and everything. We often do this thinking we want to be free, have fun and live in the moment. We also feel that we have our whole lives ahead of us, so it’s okay to do whatever we want to now and live right later on. The desire to be cooler than our peers is another reason young people get into unhealthy and unnecessary competition. 

While experimentation may bring about invention, we have to choose carefully which ones we choose to try or get ourselves involved in. 

When you attempt something that could potentially be addictive (alcohol, drugs, porn) and/or dangerous we pull ourselves in directions that will be difficult to withdraw from and that could possibly end wrongly. We may think ‘I won’t get addicted’ or ‘I can control myself.’ Ask addicts that you know, those are the same thoughts some of them had.

One attempt can eventually become a way of life. So when we choose to live in the moment, let’s chose carefully what we live for.

Purple Cutie

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