First Wine

One of my friend was kind enough to share something she wrote. Read and enjoy.

Hehehe….. So this is my first write-up and I’m torn between excitement and anxiety. What should I write on? *thinking*

Have you ever wondered why you aren’t excited by things that used to excite you before? Or why things that used to please you don’t any longer? I think we all take things that we have for granted and focus on what we don’t have. I have been longing for a job for a very long time just to contribute to the family. Quite alright my hubby isn’t complaining but I feel the stress and pressure he has on him…. Feeding the whole family, paying bills and the little mundane things in the house and I just want to help him relieve the burden. I started longing for a job.

The quest for a job put in a hunger and desperation for the unavailable that I started to disregard the available. I didn’t count myself lucky to have a loving husband and a beautiful daughter. Don’t get me wrong I loved and love my husband and my omalincha but I didn’t really count them as a blessing but I saw them as a necessity which I had. I started to take fault in every little thing. You know how it is said “the idle mind is the devils workshop”? of a truth it is. Thoughts of “if I was working this crap won’t come my way “ filled my mind…. And it almost consumed me.

Of recent, a family friend praised my husband in my presence and it made me think of all the good attributes of my Love… of the times he had sacrificed for me, of the times he had stood by me, of the times he had forgiven me, of the times he had encouraged me, of the times he had loved me, of the times he had made love to me in bliss and love and gentleness, of the times he had prayed for me. I also saw my daughter in a new light of blessing God had given me and I counted myself blessed and fortunate.

Never take for granted what God has given you. There would surely be the unavailable in every life but until you start appreciating and being thankful for the available, the unavailable would always be far from you.

I would never take my husband for granted. Most of all I would never take my “Ada” for granted ….. for when all is filtered all I have is God and them. Love you Obim to the moon and back *kisses*
Love you Ada to the moon and back…..i love you with all God has given me. Muah!!!!!
                        The Northern Lagosian
*Its Friday, take time to appreciate the people in your life and the blessings you forgot to count*

Purple cutie

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