Yay! my first post. So, I decided that I didn’t want shoes worn in the house any more and i started thinking of how to I pass the message to my ‘housies’ and lovely guests. Why not make a DIY door sign? And so on to make one I went.

 What you need: Two different spray colours (i used purple and blue), spray glue (Elmer’s mounting spray), scissors, cardboard paper (i used the pack of my hand drier), cling film and masking tape. 

 NOTE: The cardboard was sprayed with the purple spray and left for an hour to dry, it was resprayed again and left for another hour to dry. Spraying should be done in a well ventilated area. I made letters that read ‘NO SHOES PLS’ and fixed them on the cardboard using Elmer’s mounting spray. Before affixing the letters align them on the base cardboard, so that you know the the right positioning.

Proceed to spray the back of the alphabets with the Elmer’s mounting spray and then place them on the base cardboard. 

Take the cardboard to a well ventilated area and following the instructions on the spray paint, spray on. I used blue spray this time around. After spraying the first coat i left it for an hour to dry and sprayed a second time. The door sign was then left for an hour to dry 

 Ta-da. When the paint dries gentle remove the alphabets to reveal the message in the purple base color.

When it dried i used cling film to wrap it to prevent rain water from tearing it up *its happened once*. then i used, guess what? Masking tape to place it on the door. It’s been on there for 2 weeks now and it’s stayed ‘glued on’. 
You can also mention me (Faithalfa) if you post them on your instagram page, so I’d repost and we can all learn from you. 

Simple right? I know. My frugal message passing door post. With just 6 materials, you would be able to make this or something similar. Please tell us in the comment sections easy artsy diys that you have done or have ideas about. 

Purple Cutie

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5 thoughts on “DIY DOOR SIGN: No Shoes Pls

  1. This nah serz protest Ooo!!! Okay what if you have some Old people visiting and they bypass your sign….Gonna tell em to take off emm shoes…??? :p. PS: Old here means Elderly in general


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